JSON Schema is a collaborative, specification-based effort to define schemas for JSON documents that has potential to become an Internet Standard. It has significant adoption and tooling support across implementation languages and environments.1,2

Users of similar technologies, such as YAML, have not yet achieved equivalent validation or tooling support. However, the strongly similar role of these technologies makes it possible to use the JSON Schema standard directly. Adopting JSON Schema avoids the need to develop a new standard and builds on existing developer mind-share.

This website tracks the implementation status of JSON Schema support for common JSON-like languages. This helps developers to discover the tools they need and raises awareness of tooling gaps. Alternatives tailored the particular languages are also listed, when they exist.

If there is a development that is not listed on the website, please contribute it on GitHub by creating an issue or opening a pull request.

If you are looking for implementations for JSON, they are tracked on json-schema.org.